Thank you for checking out this blog. As NAOmni I am the head blogger, but I often enlist the input of friends and welcome the same from my readers.

I am currently a "recovered" anorexic and am busy completing my senior year as a nutrition student at a four year institution. I will graduate with a B.S. and hope to go on to complete an internship and reach the status of a Registered Dietitian.

I am obsessed with all aspects of food: cooking, baking, preparation techniques, advertising, food and its role in culture...the list is endless. However, I am a bit of a walking contradiction as far as my interests and personal beliefs go.

Examples? I love the cultural significance of cereal boxes. However, I hate the thought of pumping sugar laden cereal into millions of kids.

I love all things organic, and would love to live preservative free, yet I have a strong food science background and appreciate the innovation, research, and hard work that goes into that. I am not afraid of MSG.

So this blog? The result of me being a walking contradiction is that this blog will cover any and everything related to food. The mention of meat will be minimal, but present in regards to the environment, economy, and personal situations. While covering all things food, I will actively seek out and highlight things I personally feel strongly about: the environment, body image, vegetarianism, and travel.

I thank you for reading, and welcome to this blog.

Currently Craving: A bread machine

Current Food Related Projects:

-Become a oenophile
-Substituting shampoo for baking soda and apple cider vinegar
-Becoming proficient in the use of the crock-pot
-Creating a list of the Top 10 Vegetarian Side Dishes
-Eventually cooking with the predicted food pairings of 2009